It appears, then, that this idea of a necessary connection among events arises from a number of similar instances which occur, of the constant conjunction of these events; nor can that idea ever be suggested by any one of these instances surveyed in all possible lights and positions. But there is nothing in a number of instances, different from every single instance, which is supposed to be exactly similar, except only that after a repetition of similar instances the mind is carried by habit, upon the appearance of one event, to expect its usual attendant and to believe that it will exist. This connection, therefore, which we feel in the mind, this customary transition of the imagination from one object to its usual attendant, is the sentiment or impression from which we form the idea of power or necessary connection.
David Hume, Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding


salam mirza...........chand mah...kheyli mahe ke nayumadam inja..filter hala ke umadamo ibinam nist faghat doost dara bedooanm key filteresho bardashtan ke man nafahmidam!!!!!.1

میرزا: مطمئنی که پیکوفسکی دات کام از فیلتر درآمده؟ شاید این آدرس تازه میرزآباد دات کام را آمدی و به نظرت رسیده از فیلتر درآمده.

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