You just said "relationship." But the point is that it isn't one. It's been created in this room by the artifice of therapy. And I don't know that I believe in that artifice anymore. I can't distinguish it from reality.
You're sitting across from me, and you're pregnant, and I still think that you are meant to be with me.
In Treatment


من که نفهمیدم!
artifice theory دقیقاً یعنی چی در اینجا؟
میرزا: artifice of therapy، یعنی فریبی به نام روانکاوی

sometimes it just feels right to be with someone,nothing else matters

یعنی فریبی به نام درمان نه لزوما روان کاوی!
میرزا: سریال در مورد روانکاوی است و گوینده هم روانکاو و در تمام طول سریال منظورش از therapy همان روانکاوی است.

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