- Is there a god?
- No.
- What is the nature of reality?
- What physics says it is.
- What is the purpose of the universe?
- There is none.
- What is the meaning of life?
- Ditto.
- Why am I here?
- Just dumb luck.
- Is there a soul? Is it immortal?
- Are you kidding?
- Is there free will?
- Not a chance!
- What is the difference between right and wrong, good and bad?
- There is no moral difference between them.
- Why should I be moral?
- Because it makes you feel better than being immoral.
- Is abortion, euthanasia, suicide, paying taxes, foreign aid, or anything else you don't like forbidden, permissible, or sometimes obligatory?
- Anything goes.
- What is love, and how can I find it?
- Love is the solution to a strategic interaction problem. Don't look for it; it will find you when you need it.
- Does history have any meaning or purpose?
- It's full of sound and fury, but signifies nothing.
Alex Rosenberg, The Atheist's Guide to Reality: Enjoying Life Without Illusions


The overall summery of renaissance till modern era's quest for truth; Stupid nonsense! In sharp contrast to what any human being needs to believe!
Don’t worry Mr Rosenberg! I DO enjoy my life! I'd rather have illusion , than having illusion of illusion

بسيار جالب بود که دنيا و آنچه در آن است را نوعي ديگر تفسير کرده
به خصوص از اين قسمتش خوشم اومد که " به دنبال عشق نباش هروقت نياز داشته باشي خودش تو را پيدا ميکنه"

من هم دوست داشتم، فکر نکنم دیگه چیزی تو این دنیا بوده باشه که راجع بهش حرفی نزده باشه. کامل بود...

کاش همه چیزِ جهان انقدر ساده بود!

ترقیب شدم ب نوشتن پست انگلیسی

و به راستي اي كاش كه اين واقعيت‌هاي زيبا همين قدر ساده بود.

سلام آمیرزا خوبی بعد از چند وقت آمدم برای دیدن وبلاگت دلم تنگ شد دل تنگ روزهای سال 84 و 85 خوب شد که نیستی اینجا

این ها را خودتان قبول دارید که اینجا گذاشتید؟

"Love is the solution to a strategic interaction problem"
this reminds me Schopenhauer's idea of love

کاش می شد شیر کرد

بسی لذب بردیم

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