Now the light of the air chrysalis itself was softly illuminating its interior, like light reflected from snow. He was able to see inside, however dimly.
What Tengo found in there was a beautiful ten-year-old girl.
She was sound asleep. She wore a simple white dress or nightgown free of decoration, her small hands folded on top of her flat chest. Tengo knew instantly who this was. She had a slender face, and her lips formed a straight line, as if drawn with a ruler. Perfectly straight bangs lay over a smooth, well-shaped forehead. Her little nose seemed to be searching for something, aimed tentatively upward into space. Her cheekbones stretched slightly to either side. Her eyes were closed, but Tengo knew what they would look like when they opened. How could he not know? He had lived for twenty years holding the image of this girl in his heart.
"Aomame," Tengo said aloud.
Haruki Murakami, 1Q84, Translated by Jay Rubin and Philip Gabriel, Bond street books


دمش گرم! تاثیر گذار بود.

سلام جمله اول تا snow vرو چی ترجمه کردی من ترجمه ش کردم ولی خیلی خوب از آّب در نیومد یعنی .... لطفا این یه خط رو ترجمه کن!ممنون
میرزا: نور خود پیله هوایی به ملایمت داخلش را روشن کرده بود، مثل نوری که از برف منعکس می شود.

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