The !Kung (tongue-click then "kung") is one of the psychedelically-augmented, anarchistic societies that had survived these purges well into contemporary times. A nomadic people, they'd harmonized with the austere rhythms of the Kalahari Desert for thousands of years. Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, who lived with them during the 1950s, writes that the !Kung recognized an illness called "Star Sickness," which could overcome members of the community with a force not unlike gravity and cause profound disorientation. Unable to situate themselves in the cosmos in a meaningful way, the afflicted displayed jealousy, hostility, and a marked incapacity for gift-giving--the very symptoms that plague many Westerners, according to Fadiman (and, certainly, quite a few others).
Tim Doody, The Heretic


مجموعه شعر رودئو اثر رضا مرتضوی برنده‌ی جایزه‌ی شعر خبرنگاران و جايزه‌ي ادبي خيام ، توسط انتشارات مروارید منتشر شد . لطفا براي كسب اطلاعات بيشتر به آدرس وب سايتي كه در همين كامنت گذاشته شده مراجعه كنيد . روز خوش .

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