This is how it always ends. With death. But first there was life, hidden beneath the blah, blah, blah... It's all settled beneath the chitter chatter and the noise, silence and sentiment, emotion and fear. The haggard, inconstant flashes of beauty. And then the wretched squalor and miserable humanity. All buried under the cover of the embarrassment of being in the world, blah, blah, blah... Beyond there is what lies beyond. And I don't deal with what lies beyond. Therefore... let this novel begin. After all... it's just a trick. Yes, it's just a trick.
La Grande Bellezza


از لحظات هیجان انگیز روز: به میرزا سر میزنی، می بینی به روز کرده،سر ذوق می آیی :)
پ.ن: به گمانم فیلم را ببینم

این نقطه های جا مانده قبل And ها اعصاب میسایند.

چه عکسی ! پر از راحتی ! نوروز مبارک

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